Xiaomi 5000mAh Mi Power Bank (Silver)

Product Code: Xiaomi 5000mAh Mi Power Bank
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Brand Xiaomi
Type Portable Moblie Powers
Mainly Compatible with Apple,Blackberry,G2,GALAXY Mega2,Galaxy Note 2 N7100,Galaxy Note 3 N9000,Galaxy Note 4,Galaxy S6 Edge Plus,Google Nexus 4/5,Google Nexus 7 2nd,HTC,HTC 8X,HTC One M9,iPad,Ipad 4,iPad Air,Ipad Mini,iPad Mini2,iPhone 4/4S,iPhone 5/5S,iPhone 5C,iPhone 6,iPhone 6 Plus,iPhone 6S,iPod,LG,LG G Pro,Lumia 730,Lumia 830,Mate 7,Moto X+1,Motorola,Nokia,Nokia Lumia 920/820,NOTE,Note P600/M32C,Note P601/M16C,SAMSUNG,Printed 
Capacity Range 4500-7500mAh
Capacity (mAh) 5000mAh
Battery Type Li-Polymer Battery
Color Silver
Material Aluminium Alloy

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